What We Do

At ReLove we are committed to making direct, positive changes in people’s lives.

We rescue furniture and household items from companies and the community and redistribute it for FREE directly to people who need a helping hand.

Who We Support

Women and children impacted by domestic violence.

People experiencing homelessness.

Indigenous youth and families.

Asylum seeker

People seeking asylum.

How We Do It

We rescue furniture from

  • suppliers with surplus, returned, ex-floor stock and seconds furniture
  • corporate relocations
  • hotels
  • community donations
  • removalists

We mobilise our community to raise funds for new essentials which provide dignity.  Essentials like, kitchen and linen starter packs and gift vouchers which provide the dignity of choice.

Our Why

When people come to ReLove, they are living in crisis. They have just been granted housing but have few possessions.

We provide everything they need to make a house a home.

No red tape, no delay.

Good for people, good for our planet.

Re-love charity
Donate Furniture

How We Share

  1. We work alongside case workers who assist clients select what they need from our online store.
  2. This empowers our clients with the gift of choice at a time when they need it most.
  3. We organise delivery directly to the client, assemble furniture and connect appliances.

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