Corporate Partners

Our work can only continue thanks to our wonderful corporate partners.  Our shared passion and their financial contributions make an incredible difference to our ability to create homes for people in need.

Become part of our community

Working with us means you become part of our community.  Our like-minded partners work closely with us to achieve shared impact and improve the lives of people in need in our community. 

Re-Love is on a mission to create homes for people in need and redistribute furniture and technology that would otherwise go to landfill.  But, we can’t do it alone.  We love collaborating with partners who share our passion for people and community and want to help our cause.

We are always looking to grow the Re-Love community and would love to hear from any organisations or individuals who want to be involved. 

Please contact our Partnerships Team

How we're making an impact

Homes Created

1,000+ homes created

volunteer hours

22,000+ volunteer hours

1,800+ tonnes of furniture saved from landfill

Furniture landfill

$10M+ of furniture re-loved

circular economy

A sustainable solution

  1. Help people get back on their feet with practical and immediate assistance to set up a home.
  2. Create volunteering opportunities to engage and educate our community
  3. Employment opportunities to help people get back on their feet
  4. Redistribute pre-loved, seconds and surplus furniture and technology from individuals and organisations.

Foundation Partner

Philanthropic Partners

Pro Bono Partners

Supplier Partners

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