Donate Furniture

Everyone needs a home that’s more than a roof over their head.  But setting up a home from nothing is costly. 

We welcome community donations of furniture and white goods in great condition. 

Ask yourself, would you give this item to a friend?

We support people to restart with great quality furniture to make their house a home to love. 

Photos speed up the process by helping us to check the size and condition.

We are often moving people into smaller social housing apartments and may not be able to accept large, heavy or worn items.

Can you deliver to us at Botany?

Is there any way you could organise to have the items delivered to us at Botany on Wednesdays or Fridays? This would be a huge help and will provide us the ability to fund more deliveries out to people in need. 

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch

If you are an organisation with a larger donation (i.e. office relocation, hotel refurbishment) please email us at

Become A Furniture Donor

Please complete the form with the furniture you wish to donate.  We will be in touch with the next steps if the donation is able to be rehomed.

How It Works

Re-Love (formerly The Run For Good project) rescues good quality, pre-owned furniture, retail returns and factory seconds from individuals and businesses.  This furniture is then selected by case workers and their clients and delivered to those in need free of charge.  Unlike other organisations, we do not charge charities or their clients for furniture.

We are currently looking for

  • Washing Machines
  • Chests of drawers &
  • Small wardrobes
By donating quality furniture, you are not only reducing waste and disposal costs, but helping people in need in your community.

Who We Work With

Asylum Seeker Centre
Mission Australia
Women and Girls Emergency Centre
Wayside Chapel
Weave Youth and Community Services

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